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Design Your Flower Keepsake Box

The first step in making a lasting keepsake is getting us your flowers as soon as possible! Please call (901) 496-1707, (865) 385-0882, (615) 974-0450 or send us an email and we will get your flowers to our headquarters. Now that your flowers are safely in the freeze-dry chambers, it's time to pick out a frame and mat to display your lasting keepsake. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to display your flowers.

Please check out our Gallery to view final products if you are looking for a little inspiration!

Classic Oval Frames

Classic oval frames are available in the following sizes:

-11 x 14
-12 x 16
-16 x 20
-20 x 24

View Oval Frames Gallery
different types of Oval Frames

Oval Wooden Frames

Oval wooden frames are available in the following sizes:

-5 X 7
-8 X 10
-11 X 14
-12 X 16
-16 X 20

View Oval Wooden Frames Gallery
different types of Wooden Oval Frames

Rectangle Frames

Classic rectangular frames never go out of style and provide a beautiful finish for keepsakes. With a variety of colors and and sizes to choose from, you can make your piece truly one-of-a-kind!

View Rectangle Frames Gallery
beautiful rectangle silver frame with a preserved wedding bouquet

Heart Shaped Frames

The below heart shaped frames are available in the following sizes:

-8 inch
-14 inch
-19 inch

View Heart Shaped Frames Gallery
Two Heart Shaped Frames

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are such a beautiful and creative way to memorialize florals and meaningful trinkets like letters, pictures and more. Explore our Shadow Box Gallery below to see the countless possibilities.

Shadow Box Gallery
Lovely shadow box feature preserved flowers

Matboard Colors

mat board colors

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