How are my flowers preserved?

We use state-of-the-art freeze-drying to preserve your flowers. This retains the color and beauty of your arrangement so it can then be turned into a shadow box. You can read more about the process here.

What does Flowers Forever, Inc. bring to a wedding celebration?

Couples plan for their special day for a very long time. It comes and goes with the blink of an eye. Our service allows couples to have a tangible keepsake for generations to come. Not only does Flowers Forever, Inc. preserve the flowers, couples have the option of adding items from their engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. We also preserve flowers that are used as gifts for the total bridal party, relatives, and more.

Does Flowers Forever, Inc. take a bouquet apart to freeze dry it?

Flowers Forever will take a bouquet apart if asked to do a top mount. Normally, we keep the bouquet intact just as it is when carried down the aisle. This allows us to preserve the sentiment of the arrangement as well as the artistry of the florist.

What is the best method for preserving my flowers?

Freeze drying is the absolute best method for preserving flowers and maintaining their original shape and color.

The freeze drying process is the most modern and high-tech method available to preserve your flowers. Freeze drying is an accurate and safe way to extract the moisture, leaving the colors and beauty in your floral arrangement. Our process eliminates the shriveling or shrinking that might occur with other preservation processes.

How do I keep my flowers fresh until I am able to get them to Flowers Forever, Inc.?

The best way to keep your flowers fresh is to trim the ends of the stems ¼ inch, place them in water, and keep them cool. Do not freeze them.

How do I get my flowers to Flowers Forever?

Flowers Forever is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, but we can help you get us your flowers from anywhere in the United States!

  • If you live in the greater Memphis area, please contact Peggy at (901) 496-1707 or email to arrange a pick-up or drop off.
  • If you live in Middle TN please contact Linda at (615) 974-0450 or email us.
  • If you live in East TN, please contact Peggy at (865) 385-0882. All Knoxville customers may drop off their flowers at the UPS store located at 5201 Kingston Pike. Their phone number is (865) 584-0081. They have all the coolers and necessary packing materials to ship your flowers safely. The store will pack and ship your flowers overnight to our headquarters in Memphis, TN. UPS will charge between $35 and $50 depending on the size cooler they need. Please email us your tracking number.
  • If you live outside of the greater Tennessee area, please click on the Packing & Shipping instructions below or you may take the flowers to a UPS store and have them pack and shipped overnight. *Remember, if you are shipping or you choose to use UPS, please refer to the "Packing & Shipping Instructions" below. Also, include the Flowers Forever Intake Form & payment for the freeze-drying of your flowers or they will not be processed.

If I do not live in Memphis, how do I get my finished product?

Once your order is completed, prior to being delivered or shipped, Flowers Forever, Inc. requires a release form to be signed by the customer and returned to us. Flowers Forever, Inc. will hand deliver all framed displays to Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN, West Memphis Arkansas and some areas of Mississippi at no charge. If arrangements cannot be made for pick up, shipping (at the customer’s expense) is an option.

What does it cost to preserve my flowers?

The cost is $150 to freeze dry a bridal bouquet. We freeze-dry the grooms boutonniere for free. Extra boutonnieres are $10 each and all corsages are $25 each. Additional small bouquets cost between $50 and $100 depending on the size of the bouquet. Single stem flowers are $10 per stem.

How long does the freeze dry process take?

The process takes between six to eight weeks depending on the amount of moisture in the flowers.

After my flowers are freeze-dried, will they look exactly like they did when they were fresh?

The majority of the flowers we freeze dry look extremely close to the original; however, some flowers are hybrids and will freeze dry back to their original color. In these cases, we have no control of the effect of the freeze-drying on those particular flowers. In such cases, we paint the flowers as close to the original as possible. As a rule, our customers have been more than satisfied with the finished product. Freeze drying is the absolute best method for preserving flowers and maintaining their original shape and color.

How long will Flowers Forever Inc. hold my flowers?

Flowers Forever, Inc. will hold your flowers no longer than six months from the time that you are notified that the freeze-drying is completed and your frame is selected.

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